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Private Lessons and Rates 

At Alex Nguyen Tennis, we offer private lessons and semi private lessons for Adults and Juniors as early as age 5.

Private lessons are scheduled with the coach and the location is set independently!  Semi private lessons may be split with up to 4 individuals total.  These are a great way to get the focused attention you or your child deserves to master the skills needed to play tennis.

Lessons in which the coach has to travel to you will incur a $25 travel fee and the lesson must be 90 minutes minimum

1v1: Coach vs 1 student

Youth: $75/hr, $60 clinic enrolled discount

Adults: $100/hr, $90 clinic enrolled discount

Semi-Private: Coach + Up to 4 students

Youth: Base 1v1 rate + $5 per extra student

Adult: Base 1v1 Rate + $10 per extra student

2 Hr - Circuit Lesson: Available to level 4+ Students.  This lesson consists of 4 blocks of 30 minute tasks: fitness, 1v1 time, Ball Machine, and Serves.

Youth only: $85, $75 clinic enrolled discount

Please contact us before booking any private lessons!

Our Packages 

We offer lesson packages that never expire!  These packages, once purchased, can be tabulated upon each booking with your coach.

Our packages come in 3 Hours, 5 Hours, and 10 Hours.  The more lessons you purchase, the more the discount!


We also offer monthly private lesson subscriptions.  These subscriptions offer a way to receive discounts on private lessons while being held accountable to practice practice practice!  Once you've subscribed to a plan, you may schedule the lessons accordingly with the coach.  Before you subscribe, it is mandatory to contact a coach to see their general available times first.

Our subscriptions come in 4 versions with 3, 6, and 12 month iterations.

*Disclaimer:  Unused Lessons do not roll over to the next month.

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