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What we do, and why we do it.


Let's face it.  Tennis is not exactly the most inexpensive sport to properly get into.  You have to buy a racket, proper shoes, some decent attire, and constantly replenish tennis balls when they get flat.  Once in a while you'll break a string, or if you play often, you'll break them once a week.  The upkeep on equipment is already pricey...and then there's getting quality training to learn the sport well.


Go to any tennis facility nearby your area and you'll find consistent private lessons to be almost unaffordable for the average person. Group lessons, though they may be a bit cheaper, are sometimes plagued with large student to coach ratios, improper/minimal coaching, untrained coaches, and unstructured classes. This often leaves most students learning little to nothing by the end of the lesson.


I've been there, done that, and have seen it all, and that's why I started Alex Nguyen Tennis.  At Alex Nguyen Tennis, I firmly believe in establishing classes which are extremely high in quality while being kept at a minimal cost (after all I still have to eat, pay my coaches, and pay for equipment).  Each class follows a constantly evolving curriculum that blends fitness and technique, as the coaches and I are always looking for ways to improve the way we teach and communicate ideas.  Most of all, we do this because we care deeply about spreading the joy of tennis and all of the physical and mental benefits the players often receive.


So give us a chance to expand your boundaries and STRETCH! your limits.  You won't be disappointed.





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