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What we offer

Private Lessons

At Alex Nguyen Tennis, we offer private lessons and semi private lessons for Adults and Juniors as early as age 5.

Private lessons are scheduled with the coach and the location is set independently!  Semi private lessons may be split with up to 4 individuals total.  These are a great way to get the focused attention you or your child deserves to master the skills needed to play tennis.

Lessons in which the coach has to travel to you will incur a $25 travel fee and the lesson must be 90 minutes minimum

Group Clinics

We also offer 6 progressive levels of group clinics and 3 isolated training clinics

3 Beginner Levels (1, 2, 3)

3 Advanced Levels (4, 5, 6)

3 Grind Classes (Groundstrokes, Volleys, Serves)

Students are expected to provide their own racket, hydration, and mask.

At level 4 and beyond, there are tasks that must be completed by the player to continue their enrollment for the following session.  Tasks must be done on a session basis.

Level 1: Ages 7-14 | Mon, Wed, and/or Fri | 5pm to 6pm | $85

For the complete beginner, accompanied by basic footwork, students learn to manufacture a proper forehand and backhand ground stroke.  They will also begin learning the fundamentals of the serve.

Level 2: Ages 8-15 | Mon, Wed, and/or Fri | 5pm to 6pm $85

Once students have shown a sufficiency in Level 1, they will be introduced to Rallying and Point Play for Level 2.  Using the skills they've developed, they will continue to strengthen the core nature of the game: to properly hit back and forth over the net!  The serve is also further developed here.

Level 3: Ages 8-15 Mon, Wed, and/or Fri| 6pm to 7pm | $85

Students in this class will do plenty of rallying while also learning how to hit a solid volley and smooth slices.  Completion of this course means they have the 4 general shots of the game: Serve, Groundstrokes,

Volleys, and Slices.

Level 4: Ages 10-17 | Tues, Thurs, and/or Sat | 4:00pm to 5:30pm UTR 1-2 | $105

In this advanced course, students will begin to chain multiple basic shots together to learn the earliest stages of point construction and tactical play.  They will nourished further by learning more advanced versions of existing shots,  Upon completion of this course, it is recommended to begin low level competition.

Recommended Enrollment:

1 Level 4 class + 1 Grind class

2 Level 4 Classes.

Level 5: Ages 10-17 Tues, Thurs | 5:30pm to 7pm UTR 2 - 4 | $105

In our level 5 course, students will focus primarily on point play with specific goals and targets in their point construction.  No new shots will be introduced in this class, only conditioning the students on how to deal with certain situations and use certain shots.  Students that have taken this class for several sessions are recommended to begin mid level competition.

Recommended Enrollment: 

1 Level 4 + 1 Level 5 class

1 level 5 + 1 grind class

2 level 5 classes

Level 6: Ages 12-17 Tues, Thurs, and/or Sat | 7:00pm to 8:30pm (Sat 5:30pm) | UTR 4+ | $105

In our level 6 course, students will be continually exposed to the highest levels of tennis via hitting sessions with collegiate and former collegiate players.  This is an invite only class that takes 5 students per time slot.  Students that have excelled in this class are to do high level competition.

Recommended Enrollment:

1 Level 6 + 1 Grind Class

1 Level 6 + 1 Level 5 Class

2 Level 6 Classes.

GRIND Series: Available to Level 4 - 6 Students | Mon/Wed/Fri 7pm to 8pm $100:

These curriculum-free classes will focus fire on specific shots.  Students participating in any of the GRIND series classes will hit only the shot of the class for 1 hour straight with guidance and instruction from the coach.

Session Dates for 2023

Session 1: January 2nd to January 28th

Session 2: January 30th to February 25th

Session 3: February 27th to March 25th

Coach's Break (March 26th to April 1st)

Session 4: April 3rd to April 29th

Session 5: May 1st to May 27th

Session 6: May 29th to June 24th

Coach's Break (June 25th to July 2nd)

Session 7: July 3rd to July 29th

Session 8: August 31st to August 26th

Coach's Break (Augst 27th to September 3rd)

Session 9: September 4th to Sept 30th 

Session 10: October 2nd to October 28th

Session 11: October 30th to December 2nd (No Tennis Thanksgiving Week)

Break until the new year

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