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Get to know the coaches and staff!

These assistant coaches and staff are hand picked for their energy, confidence, and skill.

Meet Kyle Colburn!


        Kyle is a former student of Alex Nguyen.  Graduating from La Jolla High School in 2013, Kyle is studying for a degree in Computer Science.  Kyle was one of Alex's first tennis students when Alex began teaching in Southern California, and continues to share a strong mentorship and friendship with his instructor.  When he found out Alex was making a website for Alex Nguyen Tennis, Kyle volunteered to use his skills to help build the website.  In his spare time, Kyle likes to go to the beach, play computer games, chow down Mexican Food, and stroll around town in his awesome car.  (This was written by Coach Alex because Kyle didn't know what to say about himself)


        Kyle Colburn is the current webmaster of Alex Nguyen Tennis.


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