Summer Camp Registrations open!

Session 6 Registrations Open.

Lead up to Summer Camp Promotion!

Promotion details:

For the months of May and June (Session 5 and 6), all Level 1 classes will be free for first time players.

Limited slots available!

To prevent uncommitted sign ups, there will be a deposit of $80 dollars that will be refunded at the end of the session to students that attend all 4 of their lessons or it can be used as credit to another session. 


-If you attend all four lessons and would like to continue, your deposit can be used towards another session

-If you attend all four lessons and would not like to continue, I will send you a refund

-If do not attend all four lessons, you are not eligible for a refund or credits.

Please contact send an email with your name, child's/childrens' names and desired month/day of the week!


Alex Nguyen Tennis, will be following proper guidelines to ensure safety and a hygienic tennis environment.   As we combat the COVID19 Pandemic,  there will be several guidelines that we will adhere to to make sure our lessons follow Social Distancing rules.

Class sizes:  We intend to keep the class sizes to 8 students per court MAX.  These students will be with the same group for the duration of the monthly session.  Camps are set to 16 students per week MAX.

Drills:  We try out best to use drills that keep students across the net from each other or at least an appropriate distance.

Masks:  Students have the option to wear their masks at this time

Cleaning up:  Students are expected to help with cleaning up and ball collection using their rackets as often as possible.

Sanitation: While we do not anticipate for any students to share rackets or their own personal equipment, coaches will have sanitizer and wipes ready to keep all shared surfaces clean.