You get what you put into it!

To achieve mastery in tennis, just like in anything else in life, you must practice!  A lot of people have this notion that paying for lessons will automatically make you a superstar.  While receiving good instruction definitely will give you a leg up...We, at Alex Nguyen Tennis, are experts - Not magicians.  Without extra practice, you cannot expect to truly reinforce and excel!

Here's what to expect assuming a long timeline of several years!

Practices once a week - This player can expect to top off at a low high school tennis level - or low competitive level if doing it for several years.  The initial learning phases may be good, but they will begin to stagnate in the intermediate levels.
Practices two or three a week - Depending on the duration of their practices, this player is expected to top off at the mid to upper high school levels with some success at lower to mid tier competition.  They will be able to play matches but will still be hard pressed to execute tactics properly.
Practices four to fives times a week - This player is putting in work!  Most likely practicing a few hours a day alternating between stroke development, learning strategies, and practice matches.  This player is expected to play at the highest levels of high school tennis and find success at the mid to high level competition.  This is often the bare minimum amount of work required to play college tennis and beyond.
Practices nearly everyday -  This player lives and breathes tennis.  The only thing differently they are doing than the four to times a week person is inputting more time.  Most often times that is all the difference.  More forehands.  More backhands.  More application to execute with confidence.  This player is looking to become a professional.
***Aside from copious amounts of practice, there are other major factors that play a part in developing a strong player. 
1.  Practice with a plan:  All practices should be structured with a goal in mind and how to achieve that goal.  Often times, practice sessions may be not as effective because players are hitting blindly without a set destination.  Knowing where you want to be is the precursor to knowing how you're going to get there.
2.  A supportive team:  A positive environment that pushes and nourishes the players growth is so important.
This team may consist of parents that are willing to take their kids to practice, friends that play with them to create strong rivalries, and a coach that pushes them towards excellence while not making them feel like failures when they make mistakes.  While tennis may be an individual sport on the court, you cannot expect greatness doing it alone off the court.
3.  A healthy lifestyle:  Players need proper sleep and a nutritious diet!
4.  Purpose and Hunger:  Finally, the player themselves need to WANT it.  Talent can only take you so far.  Hard work can easily breakdown and burn an individual out if what they don't really want what they are working for.  The glue is desire!